LCU4 – Lambda to CAN 4 in 1 module


The LCU4 is able to control and read up to 4 different Lamda sensors type LSU 4.9. 

the system provides outputs via CAN bus and ensures total compliance with MoTeC protocol, both M1 ECU and Dashboards. 

The product comes with JAE connector integrated 

Available on request: 

  • JAE coupling connector to build the wiring harness for Lambda Sensors 
  • Complete wiring harness to connect 4 lambda sensors Bosch Type LSU 4.9 to LCU4 module. 

Multiple LCU4 modules can be connected to the same CAN bus to manage multicylinder engines. the mating procedure must be set by Aviorace specialists during order preparation and according to the specific customer needs.